How to never miss a deadline again

You’re feeling overwhelmed, you’re feeling like you do not have enough hours in a day to get through all the work in time to meet a deadline. Whether it’s for work or for an assignment, we’ve all been there. After four years of being comfortable with handing my uni work in a few hours (or... Continue Reading →

My eyelash extensions- an experience

  It all started with Groupon, an app full of irresistible coupons that you have to buy. I was lying on my couch, as I do when I ignore my university responsibilities, and it sang to me. $39 for full eyelash extensions. My body didn't know how to react. I felt excited, nervous, anxious, even a... Continue Reading →


The time has come. The time has come to put my foot down and say 'this is enough'. Every glance at my savings account makes me dry heave a little when I realise the bulk of my savings have been spent on unnecessary luxury items. Did I need extra Tasmanian Smoked Salmon on the side... Continue Reading →

Just a bit of average fun

It always seems to be the days I crave absolutely no materialistic satisfaction that I always find an eye catching, irresistible product to buy. I tend to dislike shopping. The mazes full of colourful, forceful signs and shops and people. The overcrowded carparks and outdated elevator music. The things I love for a short few... Continue Reading →

Recipe for the ‘Creative Flow’

The Urban Dictionary defines 'stage fright' as the time elapsing between two men at a urinal, pants unbuttoned, ready to physically pee, but not ready to emotionally pee. The presence of the other person clenches their muscles so tight, not even a dribble runs out. This is how I feel. Let's imagine WordPress is a... Continue Reading →

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