It’s Okay

Sometimes, you want something to happen so much but despite how much you try and think and hope, you just don’t get it. Perhaps it’s a dream job, or a grade you really thought you were going to get,  or maybe your favourite takeout place is closed on a Monday and you only feel like them on Mondays. Maybe it’s a little more serious. It’s okay.

It’s truly okay. Rejection has the physiological characteristic of feeling absolutely unbearable, and even though we all feel it, it gives us a false sense of belief that we are the only one who feels rejection. Even though I can’t see or feel your situation from your perspective, I still know how hard it can hit and if I could say one thing, it would be that a closed door does not mean that you cannot open another. It doesn’t make you less deserving, able, or successful.

In fact, this initially painful experience is probably the best thing that could have happened today, even if you need a little while to get the sad out. It is a push-along in the right direction. It’s one step closer to reaching that thing that you want most, it’s twenty four hours that you can utilise to bring you that little bit closer.

(Just to keep the cliches going) It’s one step at a time, it’s one foot in front of the other—I think you get the picture, it’s going to be okay. Sometimes we don’t even know how important the steps we’re taking are, or how significant those ‘no’s are, until we take a look back and see just how far we’ve come.

Today may not be your day, but it’s the only day that leads you to tomorrow.


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