The time has come. The time has come to put my foot down and say ‘this is enough’. Every glance at my savings account makes me dry heave a little when I realise the bulk of my savings have been spent on unnecessary luxury items.

Did I need extra Tasmanian Smoked Salmon on the side of my smashed avo Melbournian brunch? Did I need an A1 gold frame for my world map, which turns out is still too small for the world map, so now I have an unframed map and a frame that literally does not match anything else in my house? Did I need three new notebooks at the start of this year to add to the shamefully large collection of untouched notebooks in my spare room? The answer is no, I really didn’t need them at all.

As none of you know, I’m planning a trip to Manchester, England, to meet my boy friend’s family for the first time. This will mean a whole lot of flights, fun and celebrating. This also means a whole lot of money needs to be saved, so I’ve decided to challenge myself to a whole week of spending NO money.

I’m a little bit lucky, because I work in hospitality I do get free food at the beginning of every shift. The portions are so large that I always seem to have left overs for the following day. Food will be no worries, but everything else will be quite an adventure.


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