Recipe for the ‘Creative Flow’

The Urban Dictionary defines ‘stage fright’ as the time elapsing between two men at a urinal, pants unbuttoned, ready to physically pee, but not ready to emotionally pee. The presence of the other person clenches their muscles so tight, not even a dribble runs out. This is how I feel.

Let’s imagine WordPress is a restroom and I’ve eagerly joined it. ‘Yes! I’m going to pee so much, and so often! Everyone will love my pee!’ But as soon as I push that door open, I realise just how many people want to pee. All. At. The. Same. Time. How is anyone meant to see my pee here?
I start to sweat. The queue for the toilet is long. ‘Do I use the sink? No, don’t left off your craziness so early’. I start to doubt myself. ‘Will my pee stand out? Is my pee even meant to be this colour? Or is it just amateur, young person with no grammatical skills, despite a degree in writing, kind of pee?’ We will never really know how my pee compares to others, what we do know is that I have been feeling a little teeny-weeny bit of stage fright.

Stage fright always makes me feel rigid, anxious and unproductive, as if there is a plug separating my creativity from the rest of me; I decided to create the ultimate creativity unplugging recipe with a 99.9% success rate.


  1. Something to paint on- A2 diary, recycled paper, or someone’s body (even your own)
  2. Jar with water— not for drinking
  3. Music­­— the funky type
  4. Water-based paint— unless you like stains, then any type of paint
  5. Wine— for drinking
  6. Something to paint with- paint brushes varying in size, any miscellaneous items you like (I chose a garlic stem), fingers
  7. No socks or shoes— let your feet join in
  8. Silliness— essential ingredient


  1. Leave your negative thoughts with your socks and shoes, and find a large enough space to fit a really groovy time;
  2. Gather materials and pour yourself a glass of wine;
  3. Find a playlist that feels like it punctures your chest with excitement;
  4. Start applying your paint onto the chosen surface. If this is the first time you have painted in years (like me), I would recommend singing aloud and applying the paint to the rhythm of the music. Get groovy;
  5. Splotch, dot, smear and squish the paint. This is not about how the finished work looks, this is about feeling comfortable creating something that has a 99.9% chance of not being the new Mona Lisa.
  6. For a hands-free approach perfect for wine sipping (or gulping), try toes as an applicator.
  7. Once you feel there is no more laughter, paint, or wine, to be had, thank yourself. Thank yourself for letting go, for letting your creative juices to flow, and for letting your inspiration grow.


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