The first one is always the worst one


If you  know that 28% of the internet is powered by WordPress, then you and I have probably shared mutual thoughts of starting a blog. For years, I have always wanted to run my own blog and stick to it. Many times I’d create a blog, pimp it out with different colours and free pictures off the internet, but stick to it I did not.

Thankfully, the crippling fear of almost graduating from University and achieving almost nothing as of yet, has led me to finally, finally taking my aspirations of becoming a free lance writer a little more seriously than in the past. Emphasis on ‘little’. I don’t believe in lock in contracts (how millennial), so I cannot say for sure the life span of this blog baby. I do, however, believe in hard work and dedication, which of course also does not determine my patience and perseverance at giving this a good crack as my concentration on one task is shocking short, so much that it actually impresses me. But a good crack I shall give give to this website that powers a significant portion of peoples time.

So, stick around, there’s a new girl on the block, and she’ll stay here approximately as long as she wants. No one really knows, not even her.


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