If you were wondering, yes, I am the flour-coated dog. Cute and literate, that is my motto.

I am a Romanian born New Zealand citizen that currently lives in Melbourne, Australia. In my penultimate year of University (hanging in by a thread), I have finally decided to take control over my own happiness and life, and give my writing passion a go.

Why? Because writing has always been there for me. For every maths or geography test I failed, my teachers always reassured me that ‘at least she can write’. Well, if writing is all I can do, you bet I’ll give it a good, hard crack.

I am a lover of humour, getting my hands dirty, and inappropriate dance moves. I get my passion for food from my father’s side, my spontaneity from my mother’s side, bad spelling from living on the edge, and my constant anxiety from life itself (probably a genetic disposition). But, in the words of Bobby McFarrin:

‘(Ooh, ooh ooh ooh oo-ooh ooh oo-ooh) be happy’

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